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Wyson Lane

& The New

Almshouse Collective

Includes all lyrics to the most requested songs, a link to a selection of "lockdown" videos and over 30 sound clips from the "Songwriter" series of albums due for release from 2021 onwards.

Music is an integral part and exploration of who and what we are - a statement, a commentary, a personal story.
Life & death, love & hate, war & peace, laughter & tears, protests &'s conundrums.

If any of the songs pose questions, provoke an occasional thought or simply bring a little happiness then I may have succeeded in some small way...............

All songs PRS/MCPS & PPL registered & copyright protected. © Murray Esplin / Wyson Lane Music.

Image courtesy of Big Effort Productions.

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Cornelius Pratt

"Just call me Corny"


Wyson Lane Music roster


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"Out Of The Shadows" album released for streaming and downloading 01-03-22.

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Concert Crowd

Wyson Lane [Trio] booked to perform for BBC radio sessions [26-11-21] as part of the Hay-on-Wye Winter Weekend Festival of literature & pholosophy.

All proceeds to be donated to Children In Need.

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"Just Passing Through" complete album available for streaming and downloading from 12-04-21.

Check out clips from all the songs on the next page.

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Camping at Festival

BBC Airwaves Virtual Music Festival.
28th - 31st May.

Sets from the band on the Friday and Sunday evenings. A full list of performers and a link to the "studio" video appears below.

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"Incredible music. The musicianship is absolutely first class."

Andrew Marston. BBC radio.

A selection of song-specific comments from our A & R Company.

"Just One More Burned Out, Broke Down, Sad Old Song":

Very cool vocal sound. The retro-folk style and story is very unique and original. The phrasing of the melody really conveys the emotion here.

"Dust Bowl Town":

Really enjoyed the historical lyric and folk feel. Nice job.

"Nothing More To Say":

I like the lyrics, the songwriting, the easy listening vibe and all the ideas.

"Until The Break Of Day":

I like the easy, relaxed shuffle feel and the classic, almost Western-leaning melody and vibe.

"Riding On The Devil's Train":

It reminds me of '70s Dylan. Nice work.

"Losing Control Of The Rock & The Roll":

I like the songwriting, the "live" sound, the instrumentation and the overall construction. Nice job.

"Nothing More To Say":

Great old-fashioned vibe, easy shuffle feel and somewhat classic melodic phrasing.

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